"Through these doors walk the greatest kids in Elkhart."
-Irv Polk, Founder

94% of Students indicate that connectedness improves their academic performance

Sense of security and comfort  |  Increased motivation  |  Increased retention

The presence or absence of a nurturing

environment during childhood alters brain development.

after school clubs


Athletics, trips

Summer camp

Games, fun, time


Character lessons

Small group mentoring


High school interns

Corporate engagement

Connection to colleges

Training for college

trades skills training

Restore historical homes

Beautify downtown

Job income

At-risk skill development

Career preparation

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career opportunities

Life skill training

Financial training

Renew housing jobs

Lifeline jobs

Home provision for graduates and single moms

The Lifeline Impact
the Lifeline difference during the pandemic
why Lifeline
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no significant learning happens without a significant relationship


Dr. James P. Comer


Connection Primes Learning

There is a misperception that education is the only primary element youth need to prepare for success in life.


The research completed and reported by Dartmouth in Hardwired to Connect states that there is a scientific case for the need for Authoritative Communities which are groups that live out the types of connectedness that our children increasingly lack.


This is primarily accomplished by providing committed relationships over time with youth who model what it means to be a good person and live a good life.


The report states, as we have experienced, that with these relationships, learning can be engaged and sustained to lead to a life of meaning and success.


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Each day, our team serves to make a difference in each student's life.

Full of servant hearts and minds, our team continually innovates to provide K-12 programs for boys and girls in partnership with our local schools. 


Our Impact

Research shows that youth participation in quality out-of-school time programs is linked to significant gains in standardized test scores and work habits, as well as reductions in behavior problems among disadvantaged students.

5 yrs

high schoolers average length of time with lifeline


Annual youth served of 463 Club Signups


Annual Camp Attendance of 135 Students


Weekly Meals Served

+70 Snacks

about Lifeline

Lifeline is a full-cycle of engagement ministry that provides a safe,
family-like atmosphere for youth from 3rd-12th grade.

While at club, youth can enjoy a variety of activities: gym time, games, tutoring and the friendship of others. They receive a Bible lesson and participate in a small group interaction as it relates to the lesson. Club members also get the opportunity to earn points redeemable for prizes. Prizes can be anything from a bag of Takis up to Bikes. It all depends on how motivated they are.

Our mission

Our Vision

Serving inner city youth by demonstrating the love of God & communicating His message to see lives transformed.

To share God’s love by providing inner city youth with caring role models, teaching basic life skills, developing student leaders and connecting students to their local schools and churches.


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