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Summer 2023 Expansion

The Lifeline hub

Growing to Serve 1000+ Students

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supporting schools & parents

The place that provides a safe, family-like atmosphere for youth from 1st-12th grade.

36,000 square feet   |   Serving over 1,000 kids per year   |   Centrally located at Prairie - Hively


the greater Need for connection

There are over 6000 school-aged children within 1.5 miles on Elkhart's southside.  We currently serve over 400 students.

  • Our current building can only house middle school and high school and those are on separate days with no room to expand.

  • We have waiting lists at every elementary school.

  • Schools and parents are requesting more programs to assist with COVID blended learning outcomes.

  • We are in multiple locations each night serving youth.

  • Our plans include a new building that will double our capacity and impact to serve over 1,000+ kids and also:

    • Centralize programming making us more efficient and effective

    • Expand current programing hours and day

    • Expand programming for single mothers and young parents

    • Expand career development services

    • Longevity of staff & internship programs

central location

Within 1.5 miles of density:

  • 2,376 apartments & 3,500+ homes

  • 6,000+ school-aged children

  • 5 elementary schools and 1 middle school with almost 100% free and reduced lunch

  • 19.2% of residents without high school diploma - 33% higher than the rest of Elkhart - 229% higher than the state of Indiana

  • Income < $25,000 is 26% higher than the rest of Elkhart

  • 5,500 residents less than 18 years of age

  • 28% of all youth under 18 in Elkhart are from the South Elkhart

  • 34% more children under the age of 5 than the rest of Elkhart

  • Greatest density of Hispanic and Latino by 40%

  • Greatest density of African Americans by 34%

  • Greatest Density of households with 3,4,5+ people in all of Elkhart.

  • There are 44% more households with 5 people than the rest of Elkhart

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