"The Lifeline leaders help me out with family or with problems in my life. They help me to stay off the streets and help me get out of the house."


—  Caydin Barton, Middle School Student

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transforming lives since 1963

Each student who has passes through Lifeline's doors has a unique and compelling opportunity to inspire us all.

decades of Inspiring Stories

renew housing restoration 

Building confidence and careers by teaching the skills of the trade.

This home on State Street in Elkhart was completely remodelled inside and out by Lifeline students in the Renew program. Renew, a startup by Lifeline, focuses on teaching students the skills of the trade with hands-on housing investments that rebuild the community. The team also helps students interested in pursuing a trades career find job placements with their industry partners.  An amazing full-cycle of learning toward a fulfulling life. 

connection matters

kids need

  • Over 80% of juvenile cases originate from the southside of Elkhart.

  • Over 1,200 probation cases originate from the southside of Elkhart.

  • Juvenile violence and crime peak in 3pm-6pm hours.

  • Single family homes make up the vast majority of families with unsupervised youth after the school day ends and during the summer.

kids need

  • Father-deprivation is a more reliable predictor of criminal activity than race, environment or poverty.

  • The vast majority of our students come from single parent or no parent (grandparent, relative, etc..) homes.

  • Often fatherless, nearly half of African American/ Latino/ Native American students fail to graduate on time.

facts about kids without fathers or authoritative communities

  • 72% of all teenage murderers

  • 60% of rapists

  • 70% of kids incarcerated

  • 2x’s as likely to quit school

  • 11x’s more likely to be violent

  • 3 of 4 teen suicides

  • 80% of youth in psychiatric hospitals

  • 90% of runaways

  • 71% of pregnant teenagers

  • 85% of youth in prison

  • 90% of youth runaways

impact factors


Attendance. Retention. Confidence. Lasting, life-long relationships.

behavioral change

Poverty. Single mothers.

School drop-out rates.

Crime rates after school. Grades improvement.


Youth health, and fitness. Nutrition and wellness education.

career advancement


Youth mentorship, leadership and coaching. Unemployment.
Workforce readiness.

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